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Successful campaigns need to be heard by the right people at the right time. We devise bespoke messages for a diverse group of audiences and deliver them in a targeted way across print, broadcast and online in the specialist, local and national media.

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Reputation matters

With decades of experience at the most senior levels of UK newspapers, broadcasting, front-line politics, corporate PR and the voluntary sector, Woburn Partners is uniquely placed to deliver agenda-setting strategic communications.

We give clients a voice in the national conversation by tailoring clear and impactful narratives. Our instinctive understanding of complex political and media landscapes, and our senior industry relationships, allow us to achieve meaningful coverage that challenges orthodoxies and changes minds.

We pride ourselves on our tenacity, ambition and creativity and we work hard to ensure clients are protected, promoted or simply better understood. In times of crisis, we provide senior counsel and strategic advice, helping clients to navigate emergencies safely and securely, often with their reputations enhanced.

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Good communication is about telling the right story at the right time​

We work hand in hand with clients to build and execute communications campaigns that succeed. We know how to convey complex messages with clarity and authority across print, broadcast and social media – and we deliver remarkable outcomes as a result.

Our team has decades of experience working at a senior level in print and broadcast journalism, corporate communications, and frontline politics.

We have extensive networks in the media, business, finance, and Westminster – and first-hand knowledge of how news organisations work. Our expertise has helped clients to overcome regulatory hurdles; achieve legislative change; establish a presence in the marketplace; repair reputational damage; and manage complex crisis situations.

Our approach

Driven by Results

We believe stand-out media relations are vital to build public trust; to acquire or retain customers; keep employees motivated and productive; and to ensure stakeholders have a clear understanding of what your organisation wants to achieve and how. We work closely with clients to create detailed communications plans with a clear methodology and we judge our success against major milestones and KPIs agreed at the outset.

Determination to Succeed

We have the courage of our convictions. Implementing a successful communications strategy can take time and results don’t always happen overnight. We don’t believe in quick fixes, but we know from years of experience that disseminating a clear message consistently always pays dividends over time. A story well told always finds audiences that are willing to listen.

Placing a premium on collaboration

Working with outside agencies can sometimes be a frustrating experience. We believe the collaborative process should be as rewarding as the results we achieve for clients – and we strive to build long-lasting relationships with the people who put their faith in us. We take the time to ensure we have a deep understanding of the organisations we work with before speaking on their behalf and we place huge value on the trust we build with clients as a result.